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​ICOBA-NA continues to forge ahead in the pursuit of its singular objective of supporting programs that would improve the quality of education and the lives of students at Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos. Our executive committee and other members have been selfless and generous with their donations, both financially, and with their time.  The executive committee bimonthly meetings carry on without fail with their usual productive and spirited discussions of issues concerning the organization as well as Igbobi College.

In September 2015, we completed and had commissioned a multipurpose court, playing basketball, volleyball and badminton.  The court has become one of the newest attractions in the campus and a center of interest to other schools in Lagos.  Supplementing the multipurpose court, ICOBA-NA wives made a most thoughtful donation of 50 custom-made, unique and beautiful basketballs, complete with an engraving of Igbobi College logo.

More recently ICOBA-NA participated as one of the key players in the all-important job of the renovation of the Canon Reginald B. Parker chapel.  Through the largesse of three of our members who generously donated to the project, we did accomplish the following parts of the renovation: marble tiling of the entire sanctuary including the floor and the altar table, installing a metal balustrade in the sanctuary, building a ramp at the entrance of the chapel for wheel chair access, installing new LED lights, replacing all electric ceiling fans with new wall fans and paying for the extermination of termite infestation of the chapel.  We accomplished this task owing not only to our benefactors but also the meticulous oversight and close supervision of the projects, and the enormous time and effort invested by Mr Goroye Tytler and Engr Murphy Ipaye, the immediate past president of ICOBA National.  ICOBA-NA owes these gentlemen a huge debt of gratitude.

A novel idea that emanated from a member of the ICOBANA executive committee is that of making Igbobi College derive all its power supply from solar energy.  The executive committee already had a presentation from some solar experts on the positive ramifications of solar energy, the advantages that would accrue to the college when it embraces this technology and the projected cost of such a project.  The financial investment for this project is gargantuan, hence ICOBANA has requested that it be placed as one of the important items in the 10-year strategic plan that is presently under consideration for the College.

The participation of ICOBANA in the effort to restore Igbobi College to its former distinction and renown as one of the best high schools in the nation is limited not only to the building of “hard” infrastructure. We are also committed to, and intimately involved in the quality of the lives and the academic performance of the students at the College.  To this end, we have joined forces with the school administration, teachers, and students in the promotion of academic excellence, support for high moral and ethical behavior and the pursuit of self-discipline and personal responsibility. ICOBANA will remain fully engaged until we achieve our goal of making Igbobi College the best of the best high schools in Nigeria.

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Dr. Alfred Olusegun Fayemi


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